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Instant VM Recovery

Part of NetJapan’s DisasterReady availability solutions, HyperBoot™ is a free standalone software add-on that can boot any ActiveImage Protector backup image as a virtual machine in 1-2 minutes, maintaining system availability when a disaster strikes.

Instant Virtual Machines created with HyperBoot™ contain the original OS, applications and all the data from the original source machines, and can continue to be backed up like the original systems; thus protecting any new data.

Changes to these temporary virtual machines are saved as differential backup files and are easily restored back to the original production machines.

Alternatively, any temporary virtual machine created with HyperBoot™ can be converted to a permanent virtual machine ‘on-the-fly’ with the ActiveImage GUI option to virtualise a running OS.

HyperBoot™ can also be used to test software changes or upgrades prior to deployment, and the recoverability of backups.

Features of Hyperboot

Virtual Migration Testing
Accessing application specific data
Malware recovery
NEW HyperRestore™

Restore or migrate VMs to different hosts, or across different hypervisors.

NEW HyperStandby™

Uses ActiveImage protector vStandby™ technology to create and maintain virtual standby replica machines for instant switch-over.

Works with ActiveVisor™ - Central Management Console

Seamlessly works with the AcitveVisor™ centralised console for managing deployment, licencing, replication, vStandby tasks, web-based monitoring.

Works with ImageCentre™ replication

Replicate backup files to unlimited onsite, offsite or cloud targets using this free add-on.

  • Supports Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, VMware Player, MS Hyper-V Windows-based hypervisors.
  • Start a virtual machine from any ActiveImage Protector full, incremental or differential backup image.
  • Test your Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Test system or application upgrades prior to deployment to a live environment.