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Windows or Linux, Physical or Virtual, agent or agentless you won't find a faster, more reliable way to recover systems data.

NEW - NetJapan's ActiveImage Protector HyperAgent - 30 mins

Agentless backup - HyperVisor Migration

In this live demonstration we will cover:

  • HyperVisor Migration
  • Agentless Backup options
  • ImageIsolate™ - Combat Malware
  • iSCSI target to present backup sets to Virtual Host
  • HyperRestore™ - Restore to dissimilar hypervisors
  • HyperStandby™ 
  • Q&A

Products Covered: ActiveImage Protector 2018 Virtual Edition™, ImageBoot™ & ImageCenter™

ActiveVisor™ - Enterprise Management for ActiveImage Protector - 30 Mins

SLA-driven Disaster Recovery solution for Physical or Virtual Machines

In this live demonstration we will cover:

  • Graphical Dashboard Overview
  • How to add Managed Clients and create Client Grouping
  • SLA-driven scheduling - Creation and Deployment
  • SLA-driven Virtual Standby Replicas to achieve 5 min RTO/RPO
  • Disaster recovery Hypervisor Configuration
  • Network discovery of unprotected machines - push install
  • Centralised Licence Manager

Products Covered: ActiveVisor™ & vStandy™

ActiveImage Protector 2018 (Windows - physical & virtual machines) - 45 mins

How to Configure ActiveImage Protector for backups, restores & migrations

In this live demonstration we will cover:

  • Creating a full system backup.
  • Deduplication & Compression options
  • Restoring files with a single click
  • Instant Disaster Recovery and Image testing using ImageBoot™
  • How to create your Recovery CD with NIC / Mass Storage Drivers
  • Learn how to use ImageBoot to restore your full systems in seconds and be up and running in no time.
  • Ask questions throughout the session.

Products Covered: ActiveImage Protector 2018™, ImageBoot™ & ImageCenter™

vStandby™ - Virtual Standby Availability - 30 mins

How to leverage and failover to Hyper-V or ESX with near-Zero downtime

In this live demonstration we will cover:

  • How to configure an automated vStandy task
  • Disaster Recovery VM guest configuration options
  • Why vStandby can have up to 30 boot points
  • Powering up a DR VM and selecting preferred boot point

Products Covered: ActiveImage Protector 2018™, vStandby™