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The new ActiveImage Protector 2018 is here!

  • NEW Virtual Standby Availability: Creates automatically updated boot points with scheduled incremental snapshots directly to a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V Host. When a disaster strikes, the standby virtual machine (SVM) can be instantly started (in as little as two minutes according to our test results).
  • Post-backup processing including BootCheck™ and consolidation: Automatically ensures backup images are bootable using Microsoft Hyper-V, saving system resources and time. As part of the installer, ImageCenter (included in ActiveImage Protector 2018) can be installed on any machine on the network to offload the BootCheck tasks to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the backup source machine.
  • Updated and improved P2V, V2P, P2P, and V2V processing
  • Enhanced Full-state file recovery while retaining access rights.
  • Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Be DisasterReady with ActiveImage Protector

  • Protect data, systems and settings
  • Backup testing: automated & reliable
  • Easy use and management
  • Full Business Continuity and advanced deduplication
  • Be up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Flexible restore and virtualization options


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