Distribution Partners

ActiveImage has teamed with the following distribution partners to provide further reach, service, and business opportunities to the reseller partner community and the customers they serve.


Bluechip Infotech

Bluechip Infotech, established in 2001, focuses on delivering the latest IT products to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first class service. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Bluechip Infotech is able to back its commitment to service through localised support.

The key to Bluechip's success is in strategic implementation of the latest technology, broad access of IT channels and markets driven, highly motivated sales team. Thus, they guarantee full comprehensive understanding of products and target markets allowing them to provide cost effective solutions to partners. The value is that they bring the Channel and Vendors together to provide solutions through cooperation. BlueChip Infotech is a continually evolving company that continues to work hard in its traditional distribution market to consolidate and improve its position, but one that is looking to develop new market and partnerships with customers and Vendors, locally and overseas to help growth and diversification.

For more information, visit www.bluechipit.com.au   or call 1300 72 74 74.


IO Datamovers (Asia) Sdn Bhd

The future in computing is in digitization, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data has become the most important resource for companies to stay ahead. IO Datamovers was founded by a group of ICT systems, storage and security experts with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the industry.

The critical nature of data has also allowed us to expand our area of focus into disaster recovery and systems risk mitigation. We also ensure the security of data by using the most sophisticated encryption technology. Data integrity is just as important as data availability.

With a deep understanding of how data needs to be organized, utilized and protected, we help partners deliver maximum value to their customers through our best-of-breed solutions. This mutual success is what IO Datamovers aims to achieve.

For more information, please visit : https://www.data-movers.io/contact