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Attention MSPs! How Cybersecurity offerings can add to your bottom line in 2018!

The increase in cyber attacks and with it, a demand for more cybersecurity, means that hundreds, if not thousands, of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are all trying to build a viable and more profitable practice. How to stay on top To lead the pack and add to your bottom line this year, MSPs are needing […]

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Latest Ransomware trends: Should you be concerned?

Experts predict that in 2018 ransomware will continue to increasingly be a threat and everyone should be concerned. McAfee stated in its report about the economic impact of cybercrime that it now costs the world $600 billion as these crimes touch more than two billion people. It attributes ransomware as the fastest growing tool to […]

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Why onsite AND offsite backup is wise and prudent

Every company or business is aware it needs to safeguard its data and needs a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan in case of a crisis. However, do you want to keep your data, one of a company’s most valuable assets, close at hand onsite or keep it locked away offsite. The answer is both. […]

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