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Have You Been Hacked?

Sometimes technology doesn’t always work the way it used to and it could be starting to show its age, and signalling that it is time for a replacement. However, some signs that makes it look like your machine is malfunctioning can also be a sign that you have been hacked. Here are 6 things you […]

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Deduplication: pros, cons, what to look for and what to expect from it.

  We will not try to get down to the molecular level. The main intention of this article is to shed some light on deduplication-relevant pros and cons and to broaden view of this topic. In computing, the simplest and the most effective definition (by Wikipedia) of Data Deduplication goes as “a specialized data compression […]

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Scada BDR

ActiveImage in SCADA environment

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Systems control the automation in many industries such as Power, Water, Manufacturing, Energy, Mass Transit and more. SCADA systems are computer based, and so even the best system will fail at some point for reasons such as: Hardware Failures (disk failure, power surges, aged equipment, etc). Software Failures (viruses, […]

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Everything You Need To Know About The Pen Test

Although you may have implemented the best cyber-crime defenses and have a great IT team, there can still be holes in the infrastructure that cyber-criminals can manipulate to get access to your valuable data. This is why businesses run a penetration (pen) test.   What is a Pen Test?   It is a test to […]

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3 Basics Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Phishing

Phishing uses social engineering techniques in an attempt to convince a user to give up their private information. They gain access to usernames, passwords, credit card number and other sensitive information. Cybercriminals will pose as a legitimate person or company. Email may include links to a real website. These websites, companies and individuals are fake […]

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ActiveImage – Helping MSP’s in Australia Improve their Bottom Line with Better Backup and DR software Offerings

Former StorageCraft Country Partner, Richard Giddey has been actively offering backup and disaster recovery software to IT partners and MSP firms since launching ActiveImage Australia. The growing traction MSPs are gathering in Australia is definitely a  strong partner opportunity for ActiveImage. We are committed to growing our business through the channel. ActiveImage offers faster speed, better reliability and […]

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Are deduplicated backups the way to faster recovery times?

Deduplication has been around for some time now, but may still not be fully understood for its variety of properties. The technology, sometimes referred to as data deduping or data dedupe, is essentially a method of space-saving and works by dividing data into segments or chunks. These segments are then evaluated for their similarities and […]

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“3-2-1 rule” of backups in the modern world

When looking for the best backup option for your business, you may come across something known as the 3-2-1 rule. This rule outlines three key steps that should be taken to ensure sufficient backup precautions for your business. What does 3-2-1 stand for? The rule states that a business should have 3 copies of its […]

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Public Clouds: Threat or blessing for backup and recovery?

More and more businesses are using the Cloud as a work space, and although the Public Cloud is not lacking in benefits, one can not say it is the Fort Knox of platforms when it comes to data protection. It is easy to see the appeal of using the Cloud to store and manage data […]

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