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Why Choose ActiveImage?

If you are looking for a long term business partner, that is fully committed to you and delivers on all expectations, then ActiveImage is the partner for you. Our years of experience in providing solutions in backup and disaster recovery proves we understand the need to provide a stable solution, unparalleled support and a profitable […]

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Do not be held for ransom. Invest in ActiveImage Ransomware Protector today!

MSPs: Are You Protected Against Ransomware in 2019?

Ransomware is a tool that cyber-criminals use to infiltrate computer servers, desktops, laptops and other mobile devices. This malicious software then encrypts a company’s critical files and web properties and holds them for ransom until the company or organisation pays the requested amount (usually through cryptocurrency), on which the cyber-criminal will release the company’s digital […]

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Be a backup and recovery superhero with ActiveImage.

MSPs: Be a Backup And Disaster Recovery Hero!

We understand that it’s not a matter of if you need business continuity and disaster recovery solutions (BCDR), but rather when you need them. Everyone knows that a superhero needs a sidekick and we are here for you when you need a trusted partner. What Can ActiveImage Offer You? Backup Every great BCDR solution starts […]

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IT technicians should have the adequate tools to restore a computer after a software crash.

MSPs: Do You have the Tools to Deal with a Crash?

Although there are other possibilities, most computer crashes are caused by errors in the operating system (OS) software. The OS not only provides an interface for the user to operate the computer, but allows a consistent interface between applications and hardware, as well as shares system resources between different programs. The OS is responsible for […]

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Downtime can cost a business more than revenue.

MSPs: Can Your Clients Afford Downtime?

The true cost of downtime for any organisation is difficult to calculate. However, there are many elements that can be considered when estimating the damage downtime can do for a business. Lost Revenue Downtime caused by a cyberattack or network service malfunction, means that most of the lines of communication that most businesses depend upon, […]

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MSPs: What You Need to Know about ActiveVisor

What is ActiveVisor? ActiveVisor is the enterprise management solution for ActiveImage Protector. Why Should You Want a Management Solution? A centralized structure gives IT staff better oversight and can make routine tasks easier. Industry-specific IT regulations can easily be adhered to when there is a central point of management or simple management solution. A management […]

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MSPs: How are You Protecting Your Linux Clients?

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you want to offer your clients the best possible solutions for their IT needs. Whilst most solutions revolve around the Windows operating system, ActiveImage can offer MSPs live backups and fast restoration of Linux machines with ActiveImage Protector Linux. What is the ActiveImage Protector Linux? The ActiveImage Protector Linux […]

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Hyper-V Backup Tactics Every MSP Should Know

If you are an MSP offering Hyper-V backup to your customers, any oversight on your part can prove to be quite costly. Therefore, you need to make sure you can offer your clients the best backup strategy. What Your Hyper-V Backup Strategy Should Include A special backup software should be used instead of using scripts […]

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MSPs: How Are Your Clients Backing Up Their Virtual Machines?

Virtualization and cloud computing is becoming more and more popular among smaller corporations. The implementation of these tactics may leave a company exposed without a proper backup plan. It is important to not just back up the data being processed by virtual machines, but also to back up the virtual machines themselves. Virtual machines (VMs) […]

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