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Optimize your business and partner with ActiveImage.

MSPs: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Business

It is already the third month of the year, and you are most likely still trying to implement the positive changes your business decided to embark upon in the beginning of the year. Are you where you thought you would be by now? Are you struggling to define these ‘New Year business resolutions’ or have […]

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Engaging and empowering non-technical clients improves customer relations and satisfaction.

MSPs: 4 Tips on Engaging with Non-Technical Clients

All MSPs at one point or another are likely to deal with clients who are not ‘tech-savvy’ or do not understand the different technical aspects of backup and disaster recovery management. In these cases, it is important to treat these clients a little differently to ensure their satisfaction and to maintain, if not better, the […]

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Open communication is key in creating a positive collaboration with a client's IT team.

MSPs: How You Should be Working with Your Client’s Internal IT Teams

In some cases your MSP may have to work with a company’s internal IT department. Depending on the circumstances, the IT team may be thrilled for the extra support and expertise, or they may resent you for making changes to their systems. Either way, there are ways in which you can promote positive collaboration between […]

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ActiveImage can help you go the extra mile for your clients.

MSPs: Going that Extra Mile for Your Clients

ActiveImage can help you provide the best backup and disaster recovery solutions to your clients. However, it is not only the products and solutions on offer that need to be outstanding, but the customer service and satisfaction needs to be high. Clients who have a bad experience are more likely to find another service provider. […]

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A MSP thrives when clients have trust in the service provider.

MSPs: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Reputation with Clients

Nowadays, anyone and everyone is at risk of opening a phishing email because we are all more than likely to be sent an email by a hacker at some point in our lives. Therefore, the risk is real and prevalent for any and all MSPs employees and clients. Although a professional IT technician would easily […]

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Why Choose ActiveImage?

If you are looking for a long term business partner, that is fully committed to you and delivers on all expectations, then ActiveImage is the partner for you. Our years of experience in providing solutions in backup and disaster recovery proves we understand the need to provide a stable solution, unparalleled support and a profitable […]

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Do not be held for ransom. Invest in ActiveImage Ransomware Protector today!

MSPs: Are You Protected Against Ransomware in 2019?

Ransomware is a tool that cyber-criminals use to infiltrate computer servers, desktops, laptops and other mobile devices. This malicious software then encrypts a company’s critical files and web properties and holds them for ransom until the company or organisation pays the requested amount (usually through cryptocurrency), on which the cyber-criminal will release the company’s digital […]

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Be a backup and recovery superhero with ActiveImage.

MSPs: Be a Backup And Disaster Recovery Hero!

We understand that it’s not a matter of if you need business continuity and disaster recovery solutions (BCDR), but rather when you need them. Everyone knows that a superhero needs a sidekick and we are here for you when you need a trusted partner. What Can ActiveImage Offer You? Backup Every great BCDR solution starts […]

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IT technicians should have the adequate tools to restore a computer after a software crash.

MSPs: Do You have the Tools to Deal with a Crash?

Although there are other possibilities, most computer crashes are caused by errors in the operating system (OS) software. The OS not only provides an interface for the user to operate the computer, but allows a consistent interface between applications and hardware, as well as shares system resources between different programs. The OS is responsible for […]

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