Host-based Backup & DR for Hyper-V

Protect all your Microsoft Hyper-V VMs with ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise

  • No agent required

    Host-based solution: Backup for all VMs faster without having to install an agent on each guest machine. 

  • Save storage space with a deduplication across all VMs

    Our sector-based Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) is performed on-the-fly across all of the VMs on your Hyper-V host, reducing storage space requirements by up to 70% and with minimal impact on backup and restore times.

  • Management Console

    Manage all your ActiveImage Protector licences from a single network console: push-install and licence activation, create backup jobs...

  • Replicate offsite

    Includes ImageCenter LE to replicate to single or multiple locations: onsite, offsite or into the Cloud. Use it to increase the safety and security of your backups!

  • Backup all your VMs in 1 backup job every 5 minutes

    Offer scheduled recovery point objectives (RPOs) down to every 5 minutes using agentless backup of all of your VMs. Set and forget the protection of all the VMs across the host in one single backup job.

  • Restore individual or multiple VMs

    When disaster strikes, restore your crashed VM, saving your company both time and money.

  • New ReZoom it!™ restores multiple or individual VMs

    Restore and migrate one or more VMs directly to the same host or to a different Hyper-V host with new or dissimilar hardware.

  • Backup your host too!

    ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V allows backs up not only all VMs but also the host. It includes NetJapan’s 64bit recovery environment featuring Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R) should a need arise to restore or migrate to dissimilar hardware.

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