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Ever feel lost and insignificant with your current backup and disaster recovery vendor? We have built upon a solid history of reliable and innovative backup solutions and are small enough to treat each customer with personal attention. Let's get to know each other better.

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The fact is, disasters can and do happen all of the time. Thankfully, you can rely on ActiveImage to protect your company’s data and IT infrastructure from any type of disaster, large or small. Under the “only one technology” philosophy, ActiveImage focuses on developing and offering innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions for complete protection of all your systems and data.


Epson Direct Corporation
Fujitsu Business Systems
Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Software Technologies
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
Hitachi Electronics Services Co., Ltd.
JB Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
NEC Corporation
NEC Fielding, Ltd.

Nikko Telecommunications Co.,Nissei Com Ltd.
Nissho Electronics Co.
Panasonic Corporation
Sharp Corporation
SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp
Sony Corporation
Toshiba PC System Co., Ltd.

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